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About Our Team

We are a Team . We are expected to teach a lot of students wanting learns.

Hi This is JjangJi Edu. and we are used to AP,SAT,IB,IGCSE, and A-level. We can teach the subjects to all students.

if you are specialized with the subjects, can take responsibilities, and want to join JjangJi Edu, please contact us. We can provide you with many opportunities to teach many students.

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Our Featured pride

We are JjangJi Team. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.

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    We are Experts

    We are specialist on AP, SAT, IB, A-level . We have variable Teachers . You can get anythings you want

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    Teach Accurately

    We experiences teaching the subjects many times. We are knowledgeable of the subjects

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    Take care of Students

    We take responsibilities to our students. We have thought our students are the valuable things

Our Responsible Team

This is our faces. We are specialized with AP, IB, SAT, A-level and IGCSE subjects

  • Vy (Vietnamese)


  • MR. Woo (korean)

    IB, AP, SAT Chemistry

  • Antoine (American)

    IA, Essay, English for kids and Adults

  • Mr.Tom (Korean)

    AP, IB, IGCSE, and A-level Economics

  • MR. Joe (Koran)

    SAT, AP, AP English Teacher

  • Peter Hawkins


Contact Information

if you are responsible Teachers or If you want cooperate us , please contact us.

We want to hear form you!